Welcome to another instalment of A Groovy Enlightened Life Podcast featuring Mya Joseph, Spiritual Explorer and Purpose Seeker.

Humans have been on a quest to answer one of the most popular questions of all time: Who Am I?

In this episode, I explore the 4 essential stages of self-discovery on the path to answering this fundamental question of our existence. While these teachings are not new and can be found in many cultures and belief systems, this is my interpretation of it that hopefully brings some simplicity and clarity.

In this episode I discuss:

  • Four Stages of Self-Discovery – a framework for managing information, experience, and learnings.
  • Interconnectedness – being part of something bigger than ourselves
  • The four stages and how they work

Drops of Wisdom from this episode:

“The fundamental question we’re really asking ourselves here is, who am I, without the stories, without the beliefs, without the fears in my life. Who am I without my titles, my job, my partner, my kids, my family?” – Mya Joseph

“We have to be honest. We have to be truly honest about who we are, how we are showing up in the world, and what we really want our life to be like.” – Mya Joseph

“It’s through the act of experimenting, and exploring and going deeper, and developing that greater understanding and that deeper alignment, that we can start to filter out the things in our life that may not be serving us anymore. Really refine and gain that clarity that we’re seeking around answering that question of who am I? And what am I here to do?” – Mya Joseph

Tune into the conversation now…

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