Welcome to another instalment of A Groovy Enlightened Life Podcast featuring lifestyle artist and epigenetics expert, Kate Arthy.

In this episode, Kate shares how understanding our biotype and exploring the world of epigenetics can help us align with our true self and provide a path to self-acceptance.

Kate takes us on a journey into the world of epigenetics and it’s importance in helping us align with our true self and understanding our unique purpose. By discovering who we are at this biological level, we can establish a practise of self-acceptance and live our life in alignment to who we truly are and not how society says we need to be.

Kate and I discuss:

  • How epigenetics and understanding biotype helps you achieve alignment with your physical body, which is part of total alignment with mental and spiritual.
  • How understanding what’s right for you allows you to focus on the right things and cuts the noise of everything else.
  • That there is much more than just diet and exercise needed to achieve your best health.

Drops of Wisdom from our conversation

“To really want to get the truth to something, I have to give up what I think might be the answer and be open to receiving the truth for me.” – Kate Arthy

“It’s not until we reflect and actually take the time out to say, ‘Hey, what’s really going on for me?’ that we actually pick up that we’re not in alignment.” – Mya Joseph

“Your body will start whispering to you with little symptoms and signs. If you don’t listen to the whispers, it will start yelling.” – Kate Arthy

Tune into the conversation now…


About Kate Arthy

Kate’s passion for movement and health has been a lifelong love affair. Since completing a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Sport and Exercise Science, Kate has had over 13 years of experience within the health, wellness and fitness space.

Sharing her love of health and transformation with her husband, together they founded Lifestyle Artists – personalised, epigenetic based health coaching services. Kate is one of the most qualified epigenetics based health coaches in Australia. Not only is she highly trained, she also works closely alongside the Australian executive team of ph360, the worlds leading epigenetics technology.

Kate brings her personal experience, her extensive training, and her passion for supporting others together. With a natural gift for problem-solving, she can take anyone’s health concerns and turn them into vitality and vibrancy for life.

Connect with Kate in these places:

Website: www.lifestyleartists.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/lifestyleartists
Instagram:   instagram.com/lifestyleartists


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