Becoming a parent doesn’t mean you have to miss out on living your purpose. In fact, becoming a parent can help guide you to uncovering your true purpose.

In this episode of the A Groovy Enlightened Life Podcast Parenting Coach, Jodie Thornton delves into the world of parenting, school systems, and helping children build their emotional awareness and resilience so that they grow up knowing themselves deeply and having the skills to have healthy relationships with others.

Jodie Thornton shares:

  • Why you don’t need to wait until your kids are older to follow your purpose.
  • 3 core concepts for kids: Know what you need, be able to recognise what others need, and be able to get everyone’s needs met at the same time.
  • Learning to understand what is really a priority for your children as they grow.

Drops of Wisdom from our conversation

“Recognise within yourself what it is you need right now and what you can let go of.” – Jodie Thornton

“When you are living in alignment with your purpose, your cup is never empty.” – Mya Joseph

“Is what you’re worrying about really a priority right now?” – Jodie Thornton

Tune into the conversation now…

About Jodie Thornton

Parenting coach Jodie Thornton helps parents build their kids’ emotional awareness and resilience so that their kids grow up knowing themselves deeply, and with the skills to have healthy relationships with others.

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