Alignment to Universe Consciousness.

In this episode, I explore the big picture, eagle-eye view of all the things in life that we experience and its connection, meaning, and significance to the world around us. We discuss how our inner world is reflected in our outer world and how becoming the observer is a powerful way to navigate our journey in life and develop a deeper understanding of all things.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Stage 4 of the Framework of Self-Discovery, helping to understand and answer the question, ‘Who am I really?’
  • What is ‘universe consciousness’ and delving deeper into our connection to all things.
  • Really embracing that we are one with the universe and experiencing more from the aspect of the observer.

Drops of Wisdom from our conversation

“Our inner landscape is reflected in our outer landscape.” – Mya Joseph

“No matter how ‘aware’ you believe you are compared to others, it doesn’t matter because we’re all in this together.” – Mya Joseph

“How do we come into alignment with the universe consciousness?” – Mya Joseph

Tune into the conversation now…


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