Our true self is beyond our identity, beyond the labels and titles we have. In essence, we are all the same; we have a need to belong, to be seen and heard.

Performance Coach Gayle Lawrence shares that by listening to the silent pulse within we can get a sense of who we truly are and what our values and motivations are. She shares her wisdom from her experience as a health professional and performance coach and the work she has done with individuals, in the workplace and across cultures and tribes around the world.

In this groovy episode, we discuss:

  • Bringing the best of our whole selves so we can contribute in a more meaningful way.
  • Creating a level playing field by finding commonalities and helping others develop their gifts.
  • Finding your silent pulse within.

Drops of Wisdom from our conversation

“You’re not your past story. You can create new chapters, new stories, every single day.” – Gayle Lawrence

“Look a little bit deeper and understand that we’re actually all connected.” – Mya Joseph

“A heart to heart can change the world. A head to head might just get into a robust debate.” – Gayle Lawrence

Tune into the conversation now…

Connect With Gayle Lawrence

Gayle Lawrence is known for leading with her heart, is a hopeless adventurer and performance expert. Her works takes her across cultures and a diverse range of environments to create a “level playing field”. She is known for how she playfully challenges the status quo so that people can bring the best of themselves to the table.


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