Realising that we all have the power within to create the life we most want to live and that it’s everyone’s responsibility to help the next generation become their best selves.

In this episode, Marilou shares with us her passion for helping children connect with themselves through mindfulness and movement. We discuss how we all have the power within to create the life we most want to live and how understanding our values can help us to live in alignment with our true self.

We discuss:

  • Helping children with mindset and gratitude through movement, mindfulness, and language.
  • Changing your perceptions, and language can help you live in alignment with your true self.
  • Understanding what drives us and that we are all driven differently.

Drops of Wisdom from our conversation

“How often do you take responsibility for things you can’t control, and give away responsibility for the things you can?” – Marilou Coombe

“How do we commit to showing up as our true selves every day and transferring that to the children of society?” – Marilou Coombe

“Imagine if we looked through a lens of neither good nor bad to find the value in everything?” – Marilou Coombe

Tune into our conversation now…

About Marilou Coombe

Marilou is a coach, mentor, author, yoga teacher, & workshops and retreats facilitator. She is passionate about all aspects of life, mainly her 2 divine energetic young boys. Having children has been her big defining moment of change in taking action to have a more fulfilling life.

With a bachelor’s in social science, Certificate IV in training, and coaching training including NLP, she is passionate about helping children and families live a highly purposeful life. Working on mindset and gaining clarity about all aspects concerning mind, body and soul.

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