We may not resonate or agree with the current leaders of our nations but they are in place for a very important reason.

In this episode, I discuss my thoughts about how the people in leadership positions around the world are a catalyst for change for humanity. How their actions are spurring us towards global awakening and change in the world.

I discuss:

  • Why unpopular leaders across the planet have come into power as presidents and prime ministers.
  • How our leaders’ actions, decisions and behaviours are catalysts for change, created to unsettle and awaken us.
  • How we can have unconditional love for people like Donald Trump.

Drops of Wisdom from this conversation

“While our nations leaders actions, decisions and behaviours can be painful, chaotic and create controversy and conflict – they are also perfect catalysts for change. ” – Mya Joseph

“Become aware of what’s actually going on around you.” – Mya Joseph

“What if our current leaders had to be exactly where they are and do exactly what they are doing to awaken the world? To lead us to realise that it is time to take action, to stop sitting on the fence and to rise from our dogmatic slumbers.” – Mya Joseph

Tune into our conversation now…

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