In this episode, Daniel Rosenberg shares his passion for the natural world and how everyone has an opportunity to build their own connection and live a sustainable life. He shares his experience spending 21 days in a Columbian jungle as part of the show Naked and Afraid.

We explore the misconceptions about climate change and uncover how trauma shows up in our lives and ultimately impacts our experience of the world around us.

We discuss:

  • Connection with the natural world may be the single most important thing we can find at this time in human history.
  • We can learn from our mistakes and reengage with the Earth in a way that’s more humble, more respectful, more appreciative.
  • The shape of the practice doesn’t matter as much as the intention.

Drops of Wisdom from our conversation

“I wonder if climate change is like the earth having a fever in the same way that we get fevers to kill off an infection. And we are the infection unless we choose to inhabit the earth in a different way.” – Daniel Rosenberg

“If enough people started to engage with nature in the way that I do, I believe people would just want intrinsically to take care of the planet. ” – Daniel Rosenberg

“If you really take some time to go and get to know the land, you’ll notice that it’s giving things to you all the time.” – Daniel Rosenberg

Tune into our conversation now…

About Daniel Rosenberg

Daniel is an activist, space-holder, facilitator, and cultural change agent. He has a passion for the natural world and works tirelessly to deepen his own connection to the wilderness as well as to offer that connection to others.

He’s worked as a social worker, wilderness therapy guide, and is currently courting a relationship with the various native plants in the east coast of the United States.

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