In this episode, Trisha Wren shares with us her journey and how she stumbled across her path in the fascinating world of animal communication.

We explore the importance of building the right connection with animals through developing our empathy and becoming more present. She explains how animals are here to assist in healing and teaching the humans they share their lives with.

We discuss:

  • Connection to oneness includes building a deeper connection with the animal kingdom.
  • The importance of recognising your pets and animals as individuals, not just objects in your life.
  • Practising connection by just being with your animals, communicating how you love and care for them.

Drops of Wisdom from our conversation

“Building connection with the animals in our life is all part of our connection with the universe.” – Trisha Wren

“One of the keys to communicating with nature and animals is to ask permission to step into their energy.” – Trisha Wren

“Humans are not as aware as they need to be with understanding the needs of their animals and pets.” – Trisha Wren

Tune into our conversation now…

About Trisha Wren

Trisha is a Horse Communicator & Healer – an animal communicator who specialises in horses. She gives your horse a voice and gets answers to all your burning questions – along with giving them a thorough physical check, tack and diet check, and a range of energetic clearing and healing.

She works remotely through just a photo and name.

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