Leah Kearns is the CEO and Founder of WE-Being, a business and social enterprise driven by a mission to help as many people as possible on their wellness journey.

In this episode, Leah shares her own personal wellbeing journey and her insights into what it means to be a well being, and how to invite wellness into your life. We also discuss how wellness is a cornerstone to living in alignment to your true self.

We discuss:

  • Improving our well-being as individuals creates a positive ripple effect in our lives and the lives of the people around us, in our workplaces, and in our communities.
  • Working with well-being doesn’t just mean how you make money. It includes all the work of your life – the way you keep your home, show up for other people, parent your children. It’s all a form of work.
  • A conscious business means taking a more holistic view of things including consideration for people, planet, and profit.

Drops of Wisdom from our conversation

“How can you set yourself up to experience your work as something joyful and that can offer something back, rather than just completing tasks?” – Leah Kearns

“Well-being means vitalising yourself by doing the things you love, that give you energy and a sense of what’s possible.” – Leah Kearns

“Sometimes you have to live through a breakdown in order to have a breakthrough.” – Leah Kearns

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About Leah Kearns

Founder and Conscious CEO – WE-Being. Encouraging you to trust your Self and test all your assumptions in life.

Leah is an intuitive visionary building the future of business, education and health-care as well-being. Living with Endometriosis and chronic fatigue that comes with chronic illness, Leah knew her journey within stressful working and modern-day living environments was negatively impacting her well-being.

After leaving corporate consulting in 2015 due to her health crisis, Leah began to understand that her Self-responsibility and her Self-awareness of what may be going on in her inner awareness was vital, as well as understanding the options to support her Self to again become a well-being.

Committing to the journey of the return to Self and health, Leah also committed to Self-awareness; that is observation without judgement and rationalisation. Coupled with her new understanding of Self-awareness, her practice of retrospective analysis and specific periods of undertaking purposeful activity, Leah came to experience how the highest potential of what is possible in life can unfold through practice as a well-being.

Out of her experiences, Leah founded WE-Being.

WE-Being provides upskill education supporting women who work. WE-Being recognise that stress from drive for growth and change brings isolation, overwhelm and causes presenteeism or working mindlessly or with an illness while on the job – for time-poor female entrepreneurs, leaders and employers.

WE-Being combines work + well-being by providing learning and support with professional business skills development and personal well-being practices for growth with well-being. At WE-Being it starts and ends with Self-awareness with soon to be released well-tech product well-beingMetrics™, coupled with education, community and support to help people to achieve their desired business and lifestyle experiences.

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