In this episode, Adrianus Budi shares his own awakening story and how it changed his life. We talk about how the events in the world are here to help us awaken and to realise a new way of being. Adrian also shares a message from spirit for all of us to listen to and take action on.

We discuss:

  • The universe provides freely and unconditionally for everyone.
  • One of the rules of the universe is that we attract what we are.
  • When you start awakening, the spirits will give you small opportunities to surrender, step by step.

Drops of Wisdom from our conversation

“Everything we want is given to us. It is just a matter of opening ourselves up to be a clear channel to receive everything that is meant for us. ” – Adrian Budi

“Even though I jump when I surrender to awakening, I never actually fall down. I rise up every single time. And it gets easier each time.” – Adrian Budi

“The light within you is contagious. Once you light up, everyone around you will feel that light and that will trigger a spark in their own lights, as well. ” – Adrian Budi

Tune into our conversation now…

About Adrianus Budi Setiamiharja

Adrian Budi works in telecommunication as well as a Vegan store side hustle.  But his real passion is to consciously participate in the greatest awakening mankind has ever seen. What a great time to be alive!

Listen to a special Message From Spirit by Adrianus:

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