In this episode, I share the 3 Perspectives of Purpose framework that I developed on my own purpose journey. It explores Life Purpose, Souls Purpose and Universe Consciousness Purpose, what they are and how we experience them in our lives.

I discuss:

  • The 3 Perspectives of Purpose framework and how to apply it to our lives in search of purpose
  • How our Ego can hi-jack our experience and keep us in an endless pursuit of purpose
  • How living life completely in whatever way that means to each of us is what we are truly here for

Drops of Wisdom from this conversation

“At this point, we dance between growing up and waking up as we explore, express, and experience who we truly are. And seek to live in alignment to that – our Whole self. ” – Mya Joseph

“Our life purpose is not something pre-ordained or given to us. You define and decide what is purposeful and meaningful to you. Then you create a life in alignment to that.” – Mya Joseph

“Through taking action and, most importantly, by committing to a way of living that aligns to your true nature, you are ultimately expressing and living your purpose in the world.” – Mya Joseph

Tune into the conversation now…

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If you are interested in furthering your exploration into purpose, uncovering your true self and living in alignment to your true nature, then I invite you to check out the 4 Stages of Self Discovery teaching.

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