In this episode, I explore questions from our listeners about purpose.

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Drops of Wisdom from this conversation

“There is a point in our lives that we get to when we will no longer ask the question: what is my souls’ purpose? Why? Because we have found it? No. Because we have come to realise that living life to our fullest potential is what life is all about.” – Mya Joseph

“Let go of your need to know and embrace not knowing. This essential step helps to open you to possibilities, and you may find one day when you are not thinking about it, your souls’ purpose will be revealed to you.” – Mya Joseph

“What the teachings and practices are for is for you to explore for yourself to uncover your own experiences. Not to just blindly adopt and attempt to live your life according to what someone has said or done.” – Mya Joseph

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If you are interested in furthering your exploration into purpose, uncovering your true self and living in alignment to your true nature, then I invite you to check out the 4 Stages of Self Discovery teaching.

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