In this episode, I explore how the Era of the Divine Feminine is upon us and what that means for humanity. I share how we can invite the Divine Feminine into our lives to dance with the Divine Masculine and strengthen the harmony that was always meant to exist within us.

I discuss:

  • How the Divine Feminine is rising to join in concert with the Masculine again, after years of suppression.
  • How we were invited to liberate ourselves from everything that is keeping us limited and conditioned.
  • How we need to harmonise the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within us, as it was always intended.

Drops of Wisdom from this conversation

“Our choice to awaken has ended. What this means is that everyone is now awake whether they realise it or not. We do however still have a choice to choose our path forward either consciously or unconsciously” – Mya Joseph

“The first step to harmonise the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within is through self-forgiveness. The reason for that is, that whether consciously or unconsciously we have all contributed to the co-creation of not just where we are at in our own individual lives but collectively as a community in the world.” – Mya Joseph

“We need to choose to maintain a high vibration. We do this by understanding and accepting who we truly are and then choosing to live a life aligned to our true self, to our true nature. ” – Mya Joseph

Tune into the conversation now…

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