In this episode I explore the wisdom teaching – Nothing is Yours, but Everything is For You, that was shared with me by my Shaman teacher. How this practically shows up in our lives and how we can explore this wisdom for ourselves.

I discuss:

  • The transformative power this teaching can have in our lives.
  • How the teaching invites gratitude and sacred reciprocity into our lives.
  • How everything in our lives is for our own growth and expansion.

Drops of Wisdom from this conversation

“If we have ever said “this is my…” then we are taking ownership of something or claiming it is a part of ourselves.” – Mya Joseph

“What if your fear was not yours? How could the fear you experience in your life assist your growth and expansion?” – Mya Joseph

“To become the co-creator of our lives, we must take part in sacred reciprocity from a conscious state of being.” – Mya Joseph

Tune into the conversation now…

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