We all have an opportunity to create a world we all want to be a part of. And that creation starts within.

Humanity is facing a transformation that none of us has witnessed nor experienced in our current lifetime.

We are all being invited to wake up and grow up. To join together to co-create our new way of being.

That is where I come in.

I am dedicated to living a life of service to the awakening of others. Supporting people on their unique spiritual journey to uncover their purpose and live in alignment to their true self.

This journey involves helping people to develop healthy and mature egos (growing up) and to explore and experience their true nature (waking up).

I believe…

I believe we all have a unique souls purpose and we are here to live in alignment to that purpose and express it in our own unique way.

I believe we express our soul’s purpose when we live a life that feels deeply and intrinsically right to us. It is the expression of our most intimate and true self.

Developing the ego and spiritual aspects of our nature are essential to living a life aligned to our souls’ purpose. We must both Grow Up and Wake Up to live to our highest potential.

My dearest dream is for everyone to live a groovy and enlightened life true to themselves, in alignment with their soul’s purpose and with clarity and confidence.

I dive deep into these aspects of life, philosophy and spirituality on the A Groovy Enlightened Life podcast. I invite you to tune in and explore with me some time.

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When you see life as one big adventure in self-discovery, you start to see the fun and beauty in everything. You can then laugh at yourself a little more and appreciate all that you have created.

mya joseph

Let me introduce myself a little more…

I’m Mya Joseph. I’m a student of life and love to immerse myself in all manner of teachings and experiences, especially in spirituality and philosophy, and my creativity shows up in so many different forms. I am never not creating something.

I believe the only thing better than spending time in a rainforest, is spending time in a rainforest while its raining. Nothing lights my senses up quite like it!

Helping others discover and align to their purpose so they can create the world they wish to be a part of is my heart’s work.

I am often asked about my journey and how I went from working as an engineer to becoming dedicated to living a life of service to the awakening of others. Transitioning from navigating the world from my head to exploring the world from my true nature.

I share that transition in my teachings.