Let’s ACTIVATE-U so that you can get back to your true self, realign to your purpose and take action to go and do the work you were born to do in the world.

Have you been called to be of service to humanity, to contribute and assist in raising the consciousness, the vibration and frequency of all?


You are struggling to realise, create and launch your dream or vision in the world?

Then I invite you to explore ActivateU

A process designed to help you to live a fulfilling, service based life through Conscious Aligned Co-Creation.

In this video I share the ActivateU process and the 6 Essential Elements you will master to help you

  • Gain Clarity,
  • Build Confidence,
  • Experience Fulfillment and
  • harness the power of Conscious Aligned Co-Creation.
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Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You know your souls purpose, calling, mission, vision, dream or idea and you are struggling to translate it into something you can create in the world that can help others and maybe earn you a living.

  • Started a Business and are working in the area you felt called to, however you feel lost, stuck or that your business has plateaued. Perhaps you have realised your heart goals and business or life goals are no longer aligned. You maybe fear starting again, or taking a new direction with your work.

  • Been Feeling Overwhelmed by the enormity of your dream, vision and ideas. Perhaps it is hard to articulate what you are called here to do, and how to go about creating it in the world. The overwhelm may have you stuck and not moving forward.

  • Experiencing Shiney Object Syndrome and have found yourself looking for something to help you create what you feel is missing or that you need experience in to realise your vision and dream. You are going from one idea, system, or process trying to make your dream and vision a reality but nothing is working.

  • Tried Something and it didn’t go well. Maybe you started to share your service, vision or dream with the world and you haven’t had the success you were looking for. Perhaps you have lost momentum and motivation. Maybe doubt has crept in.

  • Looking For Clarity and Confirmation before taking any action. Maybe you are seeking clarity on your purpose, mission, ideas, dream or vision before you feel comfortable taking the first step. Perhaps you need confirmation that what you want to create makes sense, is real and will work.

ActivateU is NOT a Business Mentoring Program

  • We do not cover how to run a business, how to market, sell, nor set up technology.

  • We do not cover development of Social Media plans, schedules, topics.

  • We do not cover what tools or the best tools to use in your business.

  • We do not cover how to set up a business, nor how to conduct a business.

  • We do not cover how to niche nor find your ideal clients

ActivateU is for you if you want to…

  • GAIN CLARITY: on your service in the world. You will establish an anchor that helps to ground you in your truth and provides a foundation for you to come back to if you get the wobbles or feel like you are off course. No more shiny object syndrome.

  • BUILD CONFIDENCE: that you are co-creating from a Conscious Aligned place. You will explore and align your soul purpose to the cosmic plan which gives you the confidence of Conscious Aligned Co-Creation. No more second guessing whether you are on the right path or making the right decisions.

  • EXPERIENCE FULFILLMENT: by creating a life aligned to the reason why you are here in this lifetime and expressing it in your own unique way. You will learn how to create from a space of Conscious Aligned Co-Creation that will feel effortless and joyful.

lessons in trust and faith

Working with Mya has been an eye opening, mind opening and soul opening experience. She has such a varied and extensive knowledge and life experience to draw upon which she openly shared to help guide me on my path.

Mya is so down to earth and accepting which makes it easy in confiding with her, which results in getting the issues resolved quicker and easier. While she will be intently listening to my words you know she is assessing on a deeper level to get to the real core of the situation.

She gave me so many tools to help me decipher what is going on and where I am heading in this world, for which I am truly grateful.

Dave Mason

The 5 Stages of the ActivateU Process

ActivateU - Release


The first step on the journey is to Release all that no longer serves you. To become a Blank Canvas.

Becoming a Blank Canvas, means that you are clearing the deck to be open to receive, preparing and decluttering so more of what is seeking to be revealed to you can be.

You will explore assumptions, perceptions, expectations, beliefs and limitations that you may have and go on a journey to release and let go of what no longer serves who you are becoming.

You will learn how to work with the Divine Feminine Energy and explore gentle processes, self forgiveness and unconditional love.

During this stage you will:

  • journey home to self, remembering who you are and bringing forth your true self into the world
  • release that which no longer serves who you are becoming
  • explore where you are currently at and what you are seeking to create
ActivateU - Awaken


The next step on the journey is to Awaken.

You will awaken to who you truly are, to explore and uncover your soul path.