For a long time, the self-improvement age has been upon us with people springing up all over the place telling us how to be the best version of ourselves.

A great deal of which revolves around the idea of productivity. One could say we have developed ourselves into a productivity-driven society where if we are not getting what we want or we don’t already have what we want, then we. . .

  • we are not getting up early enough
  • we haven’t got the right morning rituals (or rituals at any time of day)
  • we just aren’t working productive enough
  • we aren’t hustling hard or long enough
  • inbox zero (remember that??)
  • you need SMART goals or goals in general that drive you to be motivated
  • you need a vision board cos that will fix it
  • exercise, eat the right foods
  • hang with the right people and they will motivate you
  • declutter

Do I need to go on?

The reality is that we are and have been asking the wrong questions and seeking the wrong solutions for what we want in life. We have been chasing the stuff outside ourselves, the stuff n things that we use to define who we are. Titles, status, material things, tests and quizzes, Facebook likes, other people’s opinions, what society decides who we are…

We are now, fortunately, shifting as a people to embrace and encompass a greater understanding of self by delving into our inner world, our inner wisdom. We are starting to wake up to realise that we are still not satisfied with what we have been doing, that all the productivity in the world still doesn’t cut it. All the external stuff n things that define us still isn’t making life better nor helping us live the fantastic lives we were hoping for.

A question of passion…

When we are feeling a little lost in life or beginning our search for something more, one of the popular questions people ask themselves is “What am I passionate about?”

This question is a very external driven question seeking answers outside ourselves. You could ask it a million times and still not get to the truth of the matter. No “What am I passionate about” quiz is going to help you, I’m sorry!

I challenge you to ask instead…

“When do I feel passionate?” or better yet “When do I feel energised?”

We need to shift our focus from the outside world and delve into our inner world, our inner wisdom to determine what we truly want in life.

And our inner world is about energy – what energises us and what depletes us.

Take note during your day on your energy levels, on when you feel more energised or when your energy is being drained. What were you doing at these times, note it down, track it and see what insights you receive.

If you are energised by something, then do that thing. If it lights, you up then chase it.

Don’t worry about it fitting into what is “normal”, or it making sense or that its different to what everyone else is doing. Don’t try to schedule it or wait for that ever elusive “flow” thing to happen.

Remember you are a unique person on this planet and only you can do what you are here for, no one else can do what you can do.

Find that thing that energises you, that lights you up and pursue that, share it, teach it, become it.

The Age of Inner Wisdom

The way of the future is not productivity…productivity is dead!

To become effective and efficient in the new age and step into the best version of ourselves we need to tap into our energy systems, learn about them, understand them and use them the right way.

It’s time to be more mindful of what our energy systems are telling us about ourselves, and about life.

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