I often receive questions about how I help others find their soul purpose. So today I am sharing how the work I do is part of how I live in alignment to my service.

Service Is About More Than Money

In my service to others, I offer a range of opportunities for people to work with me regardless of their financial situation. Even though I have rates, and pricing set up I am always open to discussing what is possible and using more of a “pay what you can afford” model.

What I love about offering pro bono and pay what you can afford sessions and programs to people is that I get to meet amazing people that I may not have met otherwise due to their
current financial situations.

People often ask me…but what if they take advantage of you? Or you put all this energy and effort into them, and you are getting nothing in return?

Sometimes I am asked why I offer so much free stuff instead of charging?

Well, my immediate reply is that my service isn’t just about the money.

Serve However You Can

Firstly, my service is about serving others in whatever way I can.

It’s not about earning money. And because of this mindset, and heart intention that I have, it lessens the stress and drama that our mind can play with us about lack and hustling in life.

It’s All Energy

The second thing is that all transactions are energy transactions and so I am receiving what I need from the experience whether money is exchanged or not.

And what I find is that those I do work with for free or pay what they can afford, tend to pay it forward to the next person or the people they are here to serve.

It’s A Ripple Effect

Sometimes those people pay me back through referring me on to others who I can serve. It’s an energy exchange, not a money exchange.

Provided everyone is giving and receiving with their best intentions in mind and heart, then it can only create good things for all involved and those around them.

Alignment To Soul Purpose

Thirdly, my service is in alignment with my soul purpose.

Meaning I would do this work even if I never, ever received payment again. It is:

  • something that is soul-deep
  • the work I am here to do
  • my service. . . my life

Because of this clarity I have around my service, it is not a matter of wondering where the money is coming from. Nor when the next person will arrive to work with.

All I find I need to do is share my heart intention of what is required next and that next thing presents itself in the form of what I need.

This surrender to living a life of not knowing is not easy and I do fall into my own mind traps of worry and stress. Generally, when it feels heavy or I become angry for no reason, I know I am out of alignment to my true self.

When I get back to what is important and realign myself to my soul purpose, life unfolds with ease and grace.

Ask yourself…

  • Where in my life could I offer my services, my time, my energy without an expectation of something in return?
  • Am I putting to much pressure on myself by forcing my service to be wholly associated with money?
  • What if I looked at my service as an exchange of energy and not an exchange of money for my time?
  • Is my current service in true alignment to who I am and who I want to serve in the world?

Wondering how I can be of Service to you?