The Power of Words

In recent months I have had a few podcast guests who spoke about how our words can change lives. How the words we speak are powerful and can manifest things in our lives and can impact the lives of others.

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Be Impeccable With Your Word

In his book, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, the first agreement is: Be Impeccable with Your Word.

Don Miguel describes how hard this can be even though it appears to be simple. I’ve recently experienced this first hand.

My current workplace challenges me every day to be conscious of the words I use. Even though I am aware of it and do my best not to, I still sometimes get sucked into the drama and gossip. And have spoken words that are not in true alignment to who I am becoming in the world.

What I find in particular is that when an injustice is occurring, I can get a little frustrated and say some negative things about the situation and the people involved.

An Ongoing Work In Progress

Gladly, I do pull myself up more often than not these days. But still, a few unsavoury words filter through into the world, feeding the negative energy of those around me and not in the best way.

At these times, my inner critic often berates me for not choosing to be better in these situations.

Ah, what a joy it is to be human! 

When certain events happen in the world or directly to us, it can be difficult to be impeccable with our words. Fear, stress, grief, anger, frustration can all lead to us saying something that feeds the negative energy around us. And when this happens, it not only hurts those around us but ourselves in the process.

When times are tough, when one of our core values are crossed, we can lash out in a perceived attempt to protect ourselves or defend someone else.

My Invitation To You

I invite you to check in with the words you speak, with whom, and in what situations.

  • Are your words in alignment with who you are becoming in the world?
  • What conversations, people, situations, or events bring out the words that you would prefer not to have spoken?
  • How can you show up differently next time?
  • What core values have been crossed to trigger the response you chose?

Remember that life is a fascinating exploration and journey. If you fall, pick yourself up, learn, and keep enjoying the experience.

We aren’t here to be perfect; we are here to experience all that we can only in the unique way that we can.