When we start to find that “thing” we want to create, start or do in life, the most cherished concept or idea that we are putting our heart and soul into, we sometimes hit this giant Wall of Reality.

Suddenly all around us, we see people doing exactly the same thing. We start to realise our idea is not as unique or original as we first thought…ouch!

Enter the Spiral of Doubt… and other Fun things!

It can hurt… a gut-wrenching realisation that other people are doing your thing.

You start to question everything. Is this truly what I am supposed to create? How can I do it – no one knows who I am? The other person has been doing it for years, they have a following….

Perhaps these nasty negative words spill from your overthinking mind to your lips…

  • This has been done, said or tried before…why should I bother or waste my time?
  • Everyone knows this already…why should I share it, create it or do it?
  • Why does anyone need to hear this from me?
  • Why??

I’ll tell you why… Because you are Unique.

It’s not your creation that is the unique part of the equation.

What is, and will always be, Unique is You! No one can possibly be you, no matter how they try.

And when I say You, I mean the true you. The you that doesn’t have the masks, titles, statuses, that pretends to be someone or something else to fit in or copy others.

It’s the unique you that the world needs! This is the person who needs to bring their creations to life and only this person…because no-one else will be able to do it like you do. No-one!

The Wall of Reality

What the Wall of Reality teaches us, is that there is no new information, that yes stuff and things have been done before and tried by others all throughout time. Meh, So What!!

Don’t waste your energy on comparing or changing course for the 50th time (unless, of course, you are called to).

Create, become, do, release your work to the world. Experiment, test, measure, pivot as needed.

Whatever you do, DON’T hide away, DON’T stop…the world needs what you got, so Bring it!

Are you in a Spiral of Self Doubt and need some help getting out? Then let’s chat.