I feel I knew more about life, my purpose, and the world around me as a child more than as an adult. How we over complicate it! So today, I’m talking about the lessons you can learn from children about being your true self.

Why Is Being Your True Self So Hard?

We place so much pressure, conditions, and stress onto our lives.

Influenced by:

The decisions we make transform us and take us far from our true selves.

Then, we proceed to spend the remainder of our lives seeking something to fill that void. Feeling like something is missing but not quite understanding what it is.

Sometimes we are so far away from our true self that our ‘call home’ is never heard.

Learning from the Little People

Whilst visiting a friend and spending time with their daughter of 4 years, I was reminded of how far we can journey from our true self. This bundle of pure energy, love, and being was such a delight to observe. And a conscious reminder of how we all come into the world.

She was a reminder of how this pure beauty exists within all of us and never leaves. It just gets clouded and suppressed whilst we attempt to fit into the world around us.

We stuff ourselves into little boxes, change who we are, and wear false personas. All in hopes of acceptance, to feel loved, and for a sense of belonging. We are taught:

  • to STOP doing this and that
  • NOT to do stuff
  • be like others
  • fit into what we believe is right in society

And as we have experienced and been taught this, we then continue the cycle and pass on the same beliefs and behaviours to the next generations.

Making a Choice

The beauty of life is that once awareness comes, you have the choice to act and change the direction you are heading. You can come home to self.  Become who you know you are without the need to change who you are or please everyone else.

Sure, there will be resistance. People around you may not like the changes you make as you come back to self. Perhaps people will leave your life because of it.

My question to you is…What kind of world do you want to live in?

One driven by the shadows of our past, where people’s true selves are suppressed and not expressed? Where there is oppression, guilt and shame?

Or a world where everyone is accepted just as they are? No need to suppress and fundamentally change oneself to feel a sense of belonging, love, and acceptance. No need to hide and not be who you truly are.

I challenge you to observe others just as they are, embrace and love all of them in their perfection, just as they were meant to be. Take time to observe all in the world through the filter of unconditional love.

We should all learn from the little people in the world. These beautiful souls who bless us by being present, living in the moment, experiencing joy – and most importantly – being their true selves in all its perfection.

What is it costing you to not live in alignment to your true self?