“Who are we but the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, and believe?”

-Scott Turow, Ordinary Heroes

The stories we tell ourselves

What a powerful message to remind ourselves of from Scott Turow in his book Ordinary Heroes.

When I see people struggling in life, I start to ponder what will it take for all of us on the planet to start to see life in this way and to cease this unnecessary suffering? To realise that we are only who we perceive ourselves to be AND that we have the ability to change our stories, our beliefs and therefore our lives and the life we find ourselves in.

We are not the victims of our lives; rather, we are the co-creators! We can dream into being a life, a world that we want to be a part of.

So why do we remain stuck?

Why do we insist on living a life that we don’t want to be a part of?

What I am discovering is that a lot of it has to do with Fear which leads to a lack of Self-Confidence.

But what is this imaginary Fear that we allow to limit us and create a lack of confidence in our lives? It is all but an illusion, a story we tell ourselves, about ourselves and believe.

How do we break free of these stories?

We need to change our perceptions, change our beliefs, change the programming that keeps us from being in harmony with the world around us.

The first step to this change is discovering who you truly are, accepting that and living in alignment to your true self as much as you possibly can. That is where it all begins! Something to ponder.

If we have the power to create our own reality, why not create one that you want to be a part of, that brings joy and lights you up?

Whatever that life looks like for you, dare to create it.