At the end of 2019 through to the start of 2020, I was feeling disrupted. Something was shifting and changing. I felt as though it was all related to my work and whether I should be doing what I was doing at all.

It took some time to work through and come to some clarity that while it was certainly a call for me to reevaluate whether I was living in true alignment to my soul purpose, there was also a bigger disruption at play.

The disruption of humanity to begin in earnest our transformation to create the world we all want to be a part of.

When I sat in silence to contemplate and gain clarity, a number of passages of information came forth. Below, I share these passages of information as they were shared with me.

2020 – The Tipping Point

I feel as though we have finally reached an important tipping point for humanity. All around us, people are starting to feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied with the world they live in.

Now, it is not new to see people join together and demand change, we see this daily around the world. What is new is the number of people who are demanding change.

We aren’t talking about little pockets of change or small movements anymore. We are shifting into a time where big leaps in change are about to occur, fuelled by the collective energy of large numbers of people.

2020 is a pivotal year for all of us and will create the tipping points for us to get off the fence, make conscious choices, and decide what kind of world we all want to be a part of.

The Age of Consciousness

The Age of Consciousness, while it has been a slow burn for some time, is now calling us into action.

No longer can we hide, keep our heads in the sand, claim ignorance, or sit on the fence. The energy of change is upon us and we all need to decide what we are going to do about it.

Some of you will have been feeling the lead up to this point for some time, perhaps years. Others will have only just started to sense, feel, and take notice of what is really going on.

No matter where you are on your journey, you will be asked to make choices that may create some challenge in your life. It may break you completely down, so you can be built back up.

You may feel the tension and tug of war between your ego and your spirit as you step into not only who you are becoming, but who we as a human race are becoming.

Awakening From Our Dogmatic Slumbers

The old ways of living and being will be torn down. The structures, frameworks, societal beliefs, and obligations – all that we thought and believed to be true will be tested.

We are being asked to examine all aspects of our lives to assess what no longer serves us and rise from our dogmatic slumbers. The slumbers that have kept us passive and compliant for the longest time.

Will you be up to the challenge? Will you rise?

The time of separation is over. We must wake up and realise there is no separation and has never been, it has only ever been an illusion of our own creation. We are called to let go of the egoic sense of self and the need to do it all on our own.

It is time to join together in like-minded, like purpose, and like-energy communities to help one another become who we are here to become. To lift each other up and live to our highest potential and in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

Together we can dream into being a world that we all want to be a part of.

There will be great challenges in this area and we will be forced apart during a time of a need to come together. While it will seem strange and will be challenging, take heart. This is exactly what is required to allow a greater shift and deeper understanding of our connectedness to all things and that separation is an illusion.

We need to rise above and come to a place of togetherness through a difficult time of forced separation.

Preparing for What is to Come

As we birth something new into being, there will be labour pains, there will be struggle, there will be heartache, and there will be challenges that we must endure and face individually and collectively.

At times, your fears may overwhelm you. You may become stuck, unable to move.

Fear is only an illusion of our mind, attempting to keep us safe from some perceived threat. Fear is of our egoic self, not our spirit self. Our spirit self knows no fear and has nothing to fear.

Therefore, we must develop a greater awareness and connection to self. A connection to our true self as we journey into the times ahead. There are a great many teachers who have been sharing this knowledge and understanding for thousands of years. Seek to understand and learn from them, and prepare yourself for what is to come.

Only through awakening to who you truly are will you be able to navigate the times ahead and to also be the beacon of light to guide others through these times.

On the Topic of Unconditional Love

The way through is to develop a practice of unconditional love. It is the only way.

Many people teach that the opposite of fear is love or the opposite of hate is love. Unconditional love has no equal opposite, it stands alone. The source, God, the universe, the great spirit, the consciousness is unconditional love. And as we are one with it, therefore we are unconditional love. We have just forgotten. We are being called to remember.

The practice of unconditional love is no easy feat but one of great importance during these times of change. You must have compassion for those who only know what they know, for those who are not fully aware yet.

Be the leader. Practice unconditional love, grace, and compassion for all.

You may feel anger, frustration, hate and fear. Seek to transform these feelings and not act upon them.

On the Topic of the Feminine

The feminine is rising to join in concert with the masculine again, after years of suppression. We all have feminine and masculine energy within us. It is time for the two to join in the dance together as partners of creation.

When people talk about balancing the energies, remember this does not mean you must strive for equal 50/50 balance. This is not the balance we seek. The balance is the joining of our energies to work in sync together and not in opposition to one another. It is a delicate dance.

The feminine energy is rising to meet the masculine in the world, to stand beside and lead together. This rising will help to heal and provide balance in the world around us, in all aspects of what is going on. It is important to nurture this rising within ourselves, to assist in the collective rising for the benefit of all.

Please note this rising is only required because collectively, we still perceive the world as dualistic in nature. It is the first step to understanding that duality is also an illusion we have created.

On the Topic of Climate Change

The earth is screaming at us and we are finally taking notice that our relationship with our planet needs healing. The place that we call home, that without expectations of receiving anything from us gives us life and sustains us. It is not screaming in pain as many suggest. It is screaming to assist in awakening the species.

The concept of climate change has been skewed and it is funny to think we are arguing about something that is always changing. Change is the only constant in the universe. To say the climate is changing is “correct” because everything changes. We cannot stop change, to think otherwise is arrogant.

There are people saying we need to make significant changes to “reverse” the damage to the climate and environment within the next 12 years to ensure our survival.

Firstly, there is no reversing or going back. There is only what is. Secondly, who determined that before is better than now? What are we truly comparing and who made those rules?

What if right now the climate and environment is exactly where it needs to be and operating perfectly for the benefit of all?

It is ignorant to think that mother earth won’t just wipe us all out to restore the balance or to believe we can control the elements and nature.

We plead like children to bring the rain when there is drought or fire, for respite from too much rain for our crops to thrive, that cyclonic winds don’t tear our homes apart.

It is always take, take, take.

We attempt to manipulate the elements to our whim, instead of learning to work with them and understand them.

The indigenous cultures of our world know about having right relationship with all beings. They understand – and still practice today – living in alignment with and working with the earth, the elements, and nature.

The rest of us have forgotten and we are now being awakened from our slumber to realise we need to live our lives differently.

We are arguing with our egoic selves, attempting to solve something that is not going to be solved by logic alone. It is also not going to be solved through politics and political agendas.

This is the greatest challenge humanity has faced, to work together to achieve one common goal – survival of all. Or so we perceive this is what is happening.

The Energy of Blame and Fear

The energy of Blame and Fear must heal for us to move forward as a human race. It has lived within us for too long now.

We blame each other when it is perceived something is going wrong and that the other is at fault. Rather than looking for similarities, we fear the differences between us.

We need to feel as though we belong. The knowledge of oneness has been forgotten and we continue to believe the illusion of separateness.

To heal this energy, we will experience great challenges in the areas of Fear and Blame. These challenges in the coming times will take many forms and we must be diligent to be aware of them when they attempt to influence us. When they attempt to consume us and lead us to react instead of consciously act from a place of unconditional love and grace.

Collective Transformation

All of humanity’s concerns, illnesses, issues, and challenges can be alleviated if we build greater awareness of who we are and take responsibility for how we are showing up and contributing to the collective consciousness.

As we learn, grow, awaken, and experience…we contribute to the consciousness that we are all part of. Therefore, what we think, feel, and believe influences all things.

In the coming times, we will be presented with many opportunities that will disrupt us and attempt to shift our awareness and understanding of our oneness and connection.

While I imagine there is far more to share, these were the topics that were presented to me at the time.

Every transformation feels challenging, but it is important to remember you are not alone and we are far more resilient than we realise.

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