Are you ready to Create the Life you Dream of?

Join me for a customised mentoring journey that will help you navigate, connect and align with clarity of self, purpose, and service.

We all have an opportunity to create a world we all want to be a part of.

And that creation starts within.

Mentoring Sessions offer the guidance and next steps you need if…

  • You feel stuck in a rut of working, eating, sleeping, repeat… and you want to get out of that cycle and live a more fulfilling life.

  • You know you are here to do more and be more but are finding it hard to find clarity to help you move forward.

  • You feel like you need to change something in your life but not sure what, nor where to start to figure it out.

  • You feel unsettled in life and disrupted by events in the world and you need help trying to make sense of it all.

  • You are seeking some guidance on your awakening and spiritual journey

  • You have just started your purpose journey and you are needing some clarity and guidance to go deeper.

The DiscoverU Mentoring program is designed to

  • Give you space and a sounding-board to explore what is going on for you right now

  • Give you clarity on how to create change, dive deeper, and what to do next

  • Give you the support, guidance and accountability you need to take your next steps

lifelong dream 1

Working with Mya has been an eye opening, mind opening and soul opening experience. She has such a varied and extensive knowledge and life experience to draw upon which she openly shared to help guide me on my path.

Mya is so down to earth and accepting which makes it easy in confiding with her, which results in getting the issues resolved quicker and easier. While she will be intently listening to my words you know she is assessing on a deeper level to get to the real core of the situation.

She gave me so many tools to help me decipher what is going on and where I am heading in this world, for which I am truly grateful.

Dave Mason

When I first started working with Mya, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to achieve but I was playing small, and I was filled with fear. Mya has helped me put my passion into practice and develop my hobby to become a business. I went from no clients to being busy and have ditched the fear to fully own my strengths to make a difference in the lives of others. Through this work I have been able to get clear on my future path as a transformation coach for women. Thanks to Mya for helping me get here!

Ali Williams

Are you ready to Create the Life you Dream of?

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