You may have heard people asking questions like “Are you embracing bliss in your life?”, “Are you living a life of bliss?”, “How do you get into a bliss state?”.

You may also be wondering well what the heck is bliss really and how does one reach it truly? Which is a fantastic place to start and guess what you are not alone in this thinking.

People tend to throw terms, and sayings, and philosophies around without truly understanding what they are sharing and asking of others. So, to begin let’s get down and dirty with understanding bliss.


Some definitions and stuff

The dictionary versions of bliss revolve around the definition of:

  • supreme happiness, perfect happiness, great joy, utter joy or contentment

If we go to theology or ways of life, we get:

  • the joy of heaven, heaven, paradise
  • a state of spiritual blessedness
  • what we experience at the point of death
  • a superlative state which is far above and beyond happiness
  • an experience pertaining to the soul, as opposed to external stimuli
  • the experience of unconditional love
  • a spiritual awakening

I could go on to express terms from Kundalini practices, Buddhism, yogis, other religions, philosophies, cultures and spiritual practices.

However, I believe with any term, ideology, or thought it is always wise to read up and form your own opinions about it. That way it will be far more meaningful to you and allow you to apply it or not to your life and beliefs.


Bliss is an experience

For the purpose of this inspired teaching I will use the following understanding of bliss:

Bliss is something experienced, that cannot be defined by words alone. A state of bliss for each person will be experienced differently and as such cannot be described finitely as it has infinite possibilities. The feelings of bliss can range from joy, happiness, peace, euphoria, ecstasy, contentment and again varies for each person’s experience of it. 

Bliss is an experience relating to our soul, our connection with our soul and its connection to all, to God, to the universe. We experience bliss when we are at One and experience Oneness with all.


How does one discover bliss?

The experience of bliss is an internal meeting of the soul with Oneness and thus cannot be generally triggered by something external. To find bliss you must go on a journey within.

This journey is different for each of us and requires sacred practice. To journey within you may explore:

  • Yogi, Qigong and other energy practices
  • Meditation, mindfulness and sitting in silence
  • Breathing and breathe work
  • Activating and working with Kundalini energy
  • Prayer and ceremony
  • Practice gratitude, forgiveness and unconditional love
  • Explore life with all your senses: see, feel, touch, taste and smell the beauty in and around you

There are no hard and fast rules and everyone’s journey to a state of bliss can be different. The key is to practice, spend time within and connecting to the universe, to all.

If you find you are struggling to experience and find bliss explore these questions and see what comes up for you:

  • What do I need to release to allow myself to live life fully?
  • Where am I holding back from having pleasure, fun, happiness and bliss in my life?
  • What would happen if I gave myself permission to be happy and experience profound bliss, pleasure and gratification?

Often there will be some form of conditioning, beliefs, guilt, shame or limits that we have placed on our lives that are obstacles to us experiencing bliss. This is completely normal and very human. The journey to bliss takes practice, and discipline and it is okay to not feel it, every moment of everyday.

The more you practice, the more it will come with ease and grace into your life.


Embracing Bliss

The act of embracing bliss then is to give yourself permission. Permission to enjoy life, to experience joy, peace, euphoria, gratification and happiness. Those feelings that you cannot, not feel when you are in a state of bliss. 

Live a life full of purpose, unconditional love, happiness and joy and don’t settle for anything less. We are here to experience all the beauty and wonder in the world, so give yourself permission to do just that.