How To Be Whole

Know that you are whole just the way you are.

From our journey of birth on, we go through many stages in life. In the beginning, we identify ourselves. We develop a personality and learn from those around us and our environment. Our foundational beliefs and perceptions are developed.

It is also in our younger years that we realise we are separate from everything else. We wake up and discover, “I am a human being. I am not the water, the sky, or the plants, I am in a human form.”

This myth of separation continues throughout our life and this is the way it has been for many thousands of years. Not for all people but for many people.

However, our indigenous peoples did not forget and have great teachings that have been passed down to each generation to help maintain the connection and remembrance that we are actually one with all.

The Myth of Separation

In the, west most of us have been influenced by the story of Adam and Eve. How they were tossed out of the Garden of Eden, creating a separation from God (source, spirit, universe).

We have also been influenced to believe we must seek redemption. That we must strive to rise above “sin” to receive the gift of heaven waiting for us somewhere, and ultimately return to the garden, to be welcomed by God (source, spirit, universe) again.

Whether you believe in this story or were influenced by religion or religious practices or not, the energy of this concept exists in the world and therefore influences all of us.

Perhaps you were raised with different practices, understandings and concepts. Or you have other strong beliefs and perceptions that have shaped you. So you may have already learnt and transformed this energy for yourself.

But there are many of us who have been influenced by this energy of separation and we do not feel whole. We believe we have broken parts that must be fixed, healed, salvaged, transformed and redeemed before we can:

  • receive abundance
  • receive love
  • be happy
  • be successful
  • feel like we are enough
  • feel confident
  • live the life we always dreamed of
  • return to the garden…

This is simply not true. 

No Redemption Required

We are all unique expressions of the All (God, universe, consciousness, spirit) and therefore have never left the garden. There is no separation. Nothing is broken that needs fixing, nothing needs to be healed, and we do not need to seek redemption.

Each and every one of us is whole in every moment, perfect just the way we are.

Now, it may not feel like it at times depending on what is going on for you. Becoming whole is a choice. You must make a choice to believe and accept it.

You Are Enough

You Are Loved

You Are Whole

Embracing wholeness doesn’t mean that you will stop growing and healing in your life or following a path of spiritual and personal development. It also doesn’t mean you won’t need to practice and be reminded that you are whole.

It may, however, put into perspective a deeper understanding of who you are and how you can live the life you dream of, today! Rather than wait for some future date you have determined for yourself based on any shortcomings you perceive in yourself and your life.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were creating your life from a place of wholeness?

I appreciate that this concept of wholeness can be a tricky one to receive into your life and challenging to surrender to.

If you are seeking to understand more or would like to start practising this in your life, please reach out. I would love to see how I can be of service.