A lesson that was brought to me last year was around whether or not I was good at something did not mean it was really the thing I wanted to be earning money from. I have a few skills and talents that I have built up over the years. One is in the area of technology and computer systems. I find it reasonably easy to learn new systems and programs and to help others with their tech needs.

I started 2018 with the idea that I would help people who needed tech support during the start-up phase of their business. This included building websites, teaching software programs and setting up workflow processes with the tools they already had. The funny thing about all of this is that while I have the ability to do this work, it didn’t feel in true alignment to who I was becoming.

You see, sometimes it isn’t about the skills and talents we have and how good we are at something. And I learnt that just because I can do something, it doesn’t mean it’s actually for me, or what I am meant to be doing.

I learnt this lesson another 3 times throughout the year in different ways as I continued to transition and become a person in true alignment to myself and create the life I wish to live. It took some time, but I eventually answered the call and let go of the ideas, jobs, tasks and priorities that kept leading me away from what I knew I was here to do.

What about you?

Can you identify any similar patterns in your life?

Perhaps you are trying to make something work because you can do the work, yet things are going nowhere, or you just don’t have the passion you thought you would for it?

Maybe you have a successful business, and the work of your business isn’t done yet, but you feel like you need to change or transition from it and you feel stuck. Who is going to run the business as well as you? Can you really give up on your business and chase something else?

Perhaps you are seeking that “one-fits-all” job that combines your talents, skills, passions and what people will pay you for, but it keeps eluding you.

Maybe you are passionate about something, and yet it doesn’t feel right, you don’t feel connected to it.

Or better still, you are hearing the call but struggling to take the steps or are unsure of how to take the steps to bring it into being. Perhaps you are stuck with fear?


Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to!

When you come into alignment with your true self, and what you are here to do, things fall into place and there is no struggle. You become confident in who you are, what you are here to do, and you become unstoppable.

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