I would like to share some lessons in trust and faith I learnt when I made a decision in 2019 to trust the signs the universe gave me around heading to Peru, a location I had never been.

Taking The Leap

For someone like me who takes a long time to plan things, wants to know all of the things, and feel safe before making any decisions – this was one heck of a leap of faith.

It was a huge leap of faith for me to just say, “Yep, okay let’s do this!”

Just to give you a picture of what this looked like:

  • I had to stop listening to my inner critic (okay not entirely but I became a keen observer of what was going on for me in my mind)
  • I just closed my eyes and leapt, knowing that everything would just work out the way it needed to. If I can’t see it, then it’s all okay…right!?!
  • Freaking out every now and then that nothing was organised and I didn’t have time to do all the stuff ‘n things
  • Planning and list building like a mofo to keep my logical brain calm and settled
  • Giving myself days where all I did was spend time researching, going through my list of things, re-reading things about the trip to provide me with some safety and reassurance that everything was on track
  • Not be too hard on myself for all the above things that I had to allow myself to do, to get me to actually go on the trip

Now, not everyone experiences this kind of thing the same way. I have just learnt a bit about myself and how I operate to be able to allow certain activities to happen and be okay with that by not berating myself or judging myself too harshly. #helloinnercritic

How To Let Go & Trust

Letting go and trusting is one of the hardest things we can do as humans. Leaping into the unknown without a map of where we are going or why can be a really stressful journey.

The trip I was going on did have some knowns. Why? Because I got to choose what my knowns would be. All I was instructed to do was go to Peru, the rest was up to me to plan and organise.

What About The Unknown Stuff ‘n Things?

Sometimes we are given instructions, hints, or signs of what we need to do next, but no future plan or destination nor even a reason why. This can be one of the more difficult journeys to accept and lean into.

But through my experience last year, I learned a few tricks on how to do it.

Tips for leaning into Faith and Trust:

  • Read my post The Art of Letting Go
  • Have a sacred practice of communing with yourself and the divine. This could take the form of meditation, just sitting in silence, through dreams, doing something creative, breathing and breathwork, dance, or anything really that connects you
  • If you have a busy mind or one that needs to know, give it tasks to help it feel settled and safe. For me, I literally allocated entire days for me to explore things, as I knew if I didn’t my mind would create unrequired stress in my body
  • Find a trusted friend or coach who can help you on your journey. Through the simple act of talking things out, it can really help move you through the lessons of faith and trust.

If you are looking for support in your life around trust and faith, check out the spiritual community we are building. It is a place where you can join with others and seek support on your journey.