In this episode, Sam Led shares his wisdom around how we are more than our thoughts, that we are not broken and need fixing. How our mind is beautiful and we just need to learn how to work with it to live a life of ease with less suffering.

We discuss:

  • How our brain is a super computer and it is only as good as what we feed it.
  • How we all experience some turbulent thoughts and this is just our mind innocently glitching.
  • How we are not the sum total of our suffering and struggles in life.

Drops of Wisdom from this conversation

“Thought is a gift but we use it incorrectly sometimes.” – Sam Led

“If you think of yourself as the sky and the clouds as your thoughts, you will see that you are going to have some thought turbulence sometimes. This is just your mind, your system innocently glitching as it tries to find the fall guy for whatever you are experiencing at the time.” – Sam Led

“When people can see their true nature is hopeful, positive, loving and resilient then they can move past their thoughts.” – Sam Led

Tune into the conversation now…

About Sam Led

Sam is an intuitive transformative coach, speaker, and author of the upcoming book, “Fearless.” His career experience has spanned the world of organisational personal development.

Sam’s first role as coach is to point his clients in the direction of the divine wisdom that comes from insight and intuition. Not from the glitchiness of our mind’s thinking. To help his clients to see how their minds work.

Connect with Sam in these places:

Website:  Sam Led Consulting
Facebook: @samledconsulting
Instagram: @samlesconsulting

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