We do not awaken by growing up and we do not necessarily grow up by awakening.

My service incorporates my teachings and I encourage you to check out them out to see if they resonate with you.

All my work is created from a grounded and calm space. In fact, many people comment on how calm and grounded I am, but also how grounded and calm they feel when working with me.

I help create space for people to explore with freedom the ego and spiritual aspects of their nature as they create their own way of being. Uncovering their unique souls purpose and learning how to live in alignment to their true selves every day.

Ego Development

Development of our ego can also be referred to as personal development. Seeking the betterment for oneself. Our ego development journey is important and helps us to navigate the world around us. Having a healthy and mature ego enables us to explore our spiritual nature more effectively.

When we are developing our ego, we are Growing Up.

Spiritual Development

Our spiritual development is unique to each of us and there is no one path to uncovering and experiencing our true nature. When we are exploring and developing our true nature, we are Waking Up.

In fact, we are waking up from our ego and its perception of the world we live in.

Soul Purpose

Our unique souls purpose is uncovered during our journey of developing our ego and spiritual aspects. It is only through this exploration that it will be revealed to us. It is not something that we can “think” our way to.

Developing the ego and spiritual aspects of our nature are essential to living a life aligned to our souls’ purpose. We must both Grow Up and Wake Up to live to our highest potential.

When I first started working with Mya, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to achieve but I was playing small, and I was filled with fear. Mya has helped me put my passion into practice and develop my hobby to become a business. I went from no clients to being busy and have ditched the fear to fully own my strengths to make a difference in the lives of others. Through this work I have been able to get clear on my future path as a transformation coach for women. Thanks to Mya for helping me get here!    ~ Ali Williams

“Working with Mya has been an eye opening, mind opening and soul opening experience. She has such a varied and extensive knowledge and life experience to draw upon which she openly shared to help guide me on my path. Mya is so down to earth and accepting which makes it easy in confiding with her, which results in getting the issues resolved quicker and easier. While she will be intently listening to my words you know she is assessing on a deeper level to get to the real core of the situation. She gave me so many tools to help me decipher what is going on and where I am heading in this world, for which I am truly grateful.” – Dave Mason

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