Shamanic Sessions

Shamanic healing practices focus on helping you to maintain a state of well-being and harmony in your life. You will strengthen your connection and relationship to your inner wisdom helping you to co-create a life in alignment to your true nature.

I’m Ready

Shamanism is a spiritual practice grounded in the awareness that everything is conscious, alive, and interconnected. Any belief that we are separate is purely an illusion.

I like to use the analogy that we are all part of a tapestry weaving our own path individually yet interconnected with all beings and co-creating the larger experience together – the great tapestry.

Because everything is alive, interconnected and conscious that leads to the understanding that everything can respond and transform through focused intention.

Shamanic Sessions Available

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Journeys

  • Ceremonies

  • Activations

What is included

  • Shamanic Session up to 2hrs (depending on requirements)

  • Email support for 2 weeks after your session

  • Medicine and Care Plan for you to follow after your session.

Details of Services

For more details, frequently asked questions and information about services available and shamanism please read this.

‘An eye opening, mind opening and soul opening experience.’

“Working with Mya has been an eye opening, mind opening and soul opening experience. She has such a varied and extensive knowledge and life experience to draw upon which she openly shared to help guide me on my path. Mya is so down to earth and accepting which makes it easy in confiding with her, which results in getting the issues resolved quicker and easier. While she will be intently listening to my words you know she is assessing on a deeper level to get to the real core of the situation. She gave me so many tools to help me decipher what is going on and where I am heading in this world, for which I am truly grateful.” – Dave Mason

Interested in Shamanic Healing?

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