What feelings come up for you when you read or hear “Sharing of Yourself”?

Take a minute to take notice of what feelings and where they are in your body. Perhaps a thought or vision came to mind. Take notice of this and jot it down if you need.

For so long we have lived in a world where there are certain expectations of how a person should be or live their life. One in particular is around self-sacrifice, or giving to others before taking care of oneself, the sacrifice of one for the many.

Sharing of Yourself is not meant to be heavy or burdensome in anyway nor should it feel as though you are self-sacrificing anything in your life.

Sharing and being generous must always come from a place of love. It must feel light and good, otherwise is it really sharing?

If sharing of yourself is creating the heavy feeling, sit and ponder the following:

  • Does it feel like a chore? If so what makes you believe it is?
  • What is it about the person/s or event or situation that you are sharing of yourself with that is creating the feelings you have? Is there something to be healed or released.


Giving without feeling is also not truly giving. This type of giving may be coming from a place of ego and the need to look good or be seen by others as a generous being.


If you are feeling anything other than love when sharing of yourself, perhaps ask these questions:

  • Are you giving from a place of abundance or lack?
  • Do you need to set some boundaries with others because you are feeling depleted? Are these internal or external boundaries that need to be set?
  • Are you being generous because you THINK it’s the right thing to do? But you don’t feel it?
  • Do you share and give because you feel others will develop some sort of perception about you if you don’t? Do you fear what other people will think or say about you if you don’t share of yourself?
  • Do you feel it’s your duty, responsibility or some sort of sacrifice to give?
  • Do you expect to receive things in return when you give?
  • If you are having trouble giving, ask – what is blocking my flow within my life?


Sharing of yourself is not a burden and should never feel that way.


The greatest gift you can give is to share your light, your essence, the real you to others. Give believing that there is no scarcity of energy, money or joy and the Universe will pour an abundance of those things into your life.

Remember you can only give as much as you are prepared to receive yourself. Imagine what could occur if you opened yourself up to receive even more?


What if you reframed sharing of yourself in these ways?

  • What kind of life is possible for me knowing there was an endless supply of energy, money, joy, time to give?
  • What is possible in my life if I opened up to receive more in my life?
  • What would my life look like if I gave without reservation, without expectations?

Go forward in life giving freely, without attachment to whether you will receive, be seen, or accumulate likes and shares on social media. Give knowing that there is abundance and no need to fear scarcity or lack.