Shedding what no longer serves

I was recently in my garden, removing some of the plants that have been taking over the garden and suffocating other plants. One plant I was dealing with has a large taproot and its vines were entangled everywhere.

Now, the beauty of this plant is that when you are pulling on the outer vines, it will snap itself off at its weakest point, leaving it’s rather difficult to remove taproot in the ground.

I started musing over the unique design of this plant and how it functions to survive and thrive in the world. It is designed to survive even after losing its limbs. It appears quite happy to sacrifice these limbs to preserve the whole.

I went on to think about my life and wondered what am I holding on to that no longer serves me and can be let go of?

What should you release?

Just because an aspect of you is let go of, whether it be who you thought you were, a title or status you hold in the world, or even a dream of the life you always wanted, it does not mean you lose who you are. Think of this shedding, refining process as a way to become who you truly are at the core (the taproot).

A process that strengthens and renews you, allowing you to thrive in the world.

This shedding could take the form of:

  • letting go of a title or status you hold in the world that no longer serves
  • releasing any feelings of anger, frustration or resentment for loved ones
  • revisiting any dreams of your future life you are trying to create, and checking in to see if it’s still what you want
  • letting go of toxic relationships and friendships
  • reviewing your to-do list and removing anything that is not going to help propel you forward to the person you are becoming

You get the picture.

My challenge to you

Where in your life could you do a bit of pruning and shedding to strengthen who you are?

What could you let go of that will help take you one step closer to who you are becoming?

Don’t let the unnecessary vines of your life, entangle and suffocate the one precious life that you have.