I was inspired by a speech from Kevin Rogers titled “The Truth about following your Passion” (it was paid for, so can’t link) who told the story of this boy who migrated to the US, who eventually started playing guitar and could not find the right sound, the sound only he could hear.

The boy went on to disassemble many guitars and piece them together to eventually build what is termed the “Frankenstrat” amongst other names. He could hear this sound, but nothing he found could replicate it. So he kept cutting and shutting guitar parts together and eventually got the sound he wanted.

Who was this boy? It was Eddie Van Halen. What sound did he create: go here to listen.

Eddie Van Halen's guitar, EMP Museum

Now some of you may or may not appreciate the sound he created, but guess what? With what he created, he changed the music industry forever.

What can we learn from Eddie Van Halen?

Lesson: Just because someone else is doing something similar to you, doesn’t mean you should give up. Just do it Your way!

Billions of notes, sounds, music, melodies had been created prior to what Eddie ended up sharing with the world, but he didn’t let that deter him. He didn’t give up until he found the right sound and was able to replicate what he heard and dreamed about.

He did it his way and no-one had ever heard or created what he did.

Lesson: stay true to your purpose, your passion. If you hear that sound, the call or you have that vision or dream. Then chase it with all you have. Trust in your heart song.

No matter what others were saying, he didn’t give up. Eddie stayed True to what he was chasing, the sound only he could hear. He didn’t compromise or settle for “nearly”. He worked at it until he made it happen.

Lesson: get into alignment with your true self, and in alignment to what you are creating in the world. Before something can manifest, you must be clear and in tune with yourself and your creation.

Before Eddie released his creation to the world – he had to create it and hear it clearly himself first. He worked at it until it was exactly what he wanted to bring into the world. When he was ready, he was in complete alignment with what he had created.

When you share yourself or your creation to the world it can be diluted with opinions and comments from others. These opinions could find you adjusting and changing yourself or your creation to suit these opinions. It could also deter you from continuing on your path.

When you are in alignment with yourself and your creation, the opinions of others do not matter. You will be able to bring yourself and your creations to the world and not falter because you spent the time to get into alignment, to find your heart song, to create that thing that only you can see, feel and hear.

Be You and Change The world!

I hope this has inspired you to chase your dreams, visions, ideas and creations with a passion like Eddie Van Halen. To listen to your Heart song and stay True to that.

Do you have a heart song, that you can’t hear clearly or are having trouble staying true to and manifesting it into being? Why not jump on a no obligation chat with me and let’s get you singing your own heart song to the world.