Spirituality is not something that is separate from our “life”, it is a part of our exploration of our very existence. Our spiritual practice therefore is not something that we “do”, it is a way of being and experiencing the world we live in.

4 stages of self discovery

The 4 Stages of Self Discovery

Since 2012 I have been on this journey of self-discovery, trying to uncover what my purpose is and live in alignment to it. It became a passion of mine to uncover it not only for myself but to share with others how they may come to uncover their own unique purpose and create a life they dream of. This is essentially where the 4 Stages of Self Discovery Framework came from.

I didn’t originally set out to create anything, and up until recently it never had a name. To me it was just what I experienced, my process, and how I experienced my own journey of self-discovery. After talking to a few people though, I was asked the questions, “How did you do it?” and “Can you teach me?”.

In an attempt to do that I created a series of podcast episodes which explains through the 4 Stages of Self Discovery and this is how the framework was created.

creating our new way of being 1

2020 Creating Our New Way of Being

At the end of 2019 through to the start of 2020, I was feeling disrupted. Something was shifting and changing. I felt as though it was all related to my work and whether I should be doing what I was doing at all.

It took some time to work through and come to some clarity that while it was certainly a call for me to reevaluate whether I was living in true alignment to my soul purpose, there was also a bigger disruption at play.

The disruption of humanity to begin in earnest our transformation to create the world we all want to be a part of.

When I sat in silence to contemplate and gain clarity, a number of passages of information came forth. Below, I share these passages of information as they were shared with me.