Now there a plenty of ways to perform a fire ceremony, and many reasons why you hold a fire ceremony, but here are some of the guidelines of how I run fire ceremonies in the A Groovy Enlightened Life community

My experience with fire ceremonies

The act of ceremony is very powerful and something in the western world we are not overly familiar with, depending on your upbringing and culture of course. It is something that I have never had any real thoughts about until I began delving deeper into my own spiritual journey.

In the past I had only ever practised writing down my thoughts, feelings, intentions onto paper and burning or ripping it to shreds as a form of release. Or I would sit in communion with spirit, in meditation or prayer.

Up until I went to Peru in late 2019, I was not that sure about whether the physical act of ceremony was something I wanted to pursue or add to my spiritual practices. However after spending two full weeks, performing ceremonies almost everyday with Shamans in Peru, made me appreciate the power that ceremonies can have in our lives.

While I experienced other ceremonies in Peru, I was attracted to the Fire Ceremony and its transformational application to our lives. The act of selecting an offering, preparing the offering, creating sacred space, making the offering, holding space for others and experiencing transformation and healing was quite liberating to experience. Which is why I now hold similar ceremonies in the A Groovy Enlightened Life community.

The purpose of a Fire Ceremony

A fire ceremony is a symbolic event held to support release and healing. 

Fire ceremonies are one of the core rituals in many medicine traditions. They are typically held around the full or new moon of each month, when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest. 

In the past, fire ceremonies were held in the presence of a Shaman or spiritual teacher. Today however, Shamans say the earth and our civilisation are in such misalignment that fire ceremonies can be held by anyone who is willing to step in. Which is why I invite you join me at the next Fire Ceremony I’m holding. 

Fire is a transformational element. It provides a way for you to honour your lessons and release old belief structures by turning them over to Spirit, thus enabling you to heal your soul deeply.

Shaman Fire Ceremony Australia

The Fire

Ideally, the best place to do your fire ceremony is outdoors where you can connect to the earth, the cosmos, and your surroundings. It is recommended to hold the fire ceremonies at night, if you are able, however it’s not critical.

The fire is not to be a bonfire but a small ceremonial fire. The reason to make it small is that traditionally you are to wait and let the fire burn out. If its too big you may be there for a long time! 

Depending on where you are, you may not have easy access to fire or be able to be outdoors when you perform the ceremony. If you find yourself indoors for example you can keep the ceremony small and simple by using a candle. You could also use a fire proof container/bowl or aluminium pan to create the fire as opposed to a larger fire pit. 

Fire Safety Message: please be very careful of using fire in your ceremonies. Make sure you have a dedicated or contained area when performing them outside. Like a bowl, BBQ, dedicated fire pit. Be aware of fire restrictions in your local area and any permits you may require. Be careful when its windy also as embers could fly away. If you are indoors please be careful of where you perform the ceremony, reminding yourself if something was to fall, could something catch a light. Also when burning your offering, keep in mind the location of your smoke alarms. Keep your fires away from anything combustible!

Your Offering

Your offering needs to be selected prior to the ceremony and you will need to have spent time preparing it for the fire. Your “spirit arrow” could be a small stick, piece of wood, paper, a toothpick. Something that can be safely burned (think of the environment!)

Also if selecting something from mother nature, sit in communion and ask for the right offering before taking. It will then be revealed to you.

To prepare your offering you can:

  • Connect in and find an issue or something that needs to be let go of in your life. Something that no longer serves you.
  • Giving thanks and honouring the challenges (gifts) that you have received to assist your transformation and change.
  • Setting intentions of the future you are envisioning and dreaming into being.

Once you have what you would like to prepare your offering with, you will use your breath and physically blow into the object your intentions and prayers as above several times. If you have a piece of paper as offering, you may want to also write it all out.

The idea of using your breath is to blow and release it out of you and into the offering for the fire to consume and transform. 

The general flow of the fire ceremony

The fire ceremony flows however it needs to on the day, however here is an idea of how it will usually flow:

  1. Create sacred space
  2. Light the fire
  3. Call in the helping spirits
  4. Make the fire friendly
  5. Honouring all who are present and have joined, including helping spirits, allies etc
  6. Make our offerings silently in the fire
  7. Hold space for each other as the offerings are made
  8. Group offering to the fire for Mother Earth
  9. Close the sacred space

Stay in attendance and allow the fire to burn out naturally if you can. Otherwise extinguish the fire safely. Cover/smother the fire to extinguish it, do not use water!

Fire Ceremony Australia

Can I still participate in a fire ceremony without a physical fire?

While using a physical fire and performing the physical act of ceremony is the ideal situation, you can also participate through the act of visualisation. 

Visualising the fire, and visualising the act of giving your offering and really sitting in that space, and feeling all the things that you would experience at a real live fire ceremony. For example: the heat, the smoke smell, watching your offering burn away etc.

What to expect after the ceremony

For a few weeks (sometimes longer) after a fire ceremony is when you should be on the lookout for any signs, symbols, occurrences, synchronicity based on what you released to the fire for transformation and healing. These will present themselves and it will be up to you to use these gifts and opportunities to create the transformation and healing in your life.

The key is to come into awareness of what is being presented to you, and instead of “doing” or trying to “take charge”, surrender it to the universe to assist with the details. 

Attend a Fire Ceremony

If you would like to experience a fire ceremony with me, please come and join the A Groovy Enlightened Life community. I regularly host in-person and virtual fire ceremonies that you can participate in. Find out more about upcoming fire ceremonies here.