Change Is In The Air

Most of my 2020 so far has been spent in quiet contemplation. As local, national and global events have unfolded, I have used this time for renewal, to listen and observe. For others they have been forever changed and are trying to find a new way of being and living. The common thread that I’ve seen is that there has been so much creative energy and possibilities swirling in a giant crescendo waiting to be expressed in whatever form we hold for it. This is what I wrote about in Creating Our New Way of Being.

As our transformation to create the world we dream of begins in earnest, we can feel the disruption of humanity. Changes around the world are acting as a catalyst to help us become aware of our oneness with the universe. And I believe now is the time to embrace a new understanding. A time to disrupt the “norm” and create the change we want to see in the world.

Some have understood this, but most are not even aware of what they have been sensing. It can feel chaotic, rushed, and overwhelming. And can scatter one’s senses, bringing on unexpected emotions.

This is Creation!

The divine tension back and forth, of the old being released to make way for the new, and the actions of controversial leaders around the world, are helping the world to awaken. To unite. To evolve and adapt to a new way of being. To learn and embrace unconditional love for all.

These catalysts that are so uncomfortable help to shift the energy and raise the vibration of the planet. They spark awareness in everyone around the world that change is upon us and spur a rise in our vibrations. And as change occurs within us all, within the individuals, the world outside similarly becomes changed.

People are beginning to respond to the changes occurring in the universe, whether they are conscious of it or not. They are doing things they hadn’t thought of before, and the things they have been craving for so long, as they respond to the changes around them.

We are in a unique and important moment in history that will awaken humanity.

step up become the leader in your life

Calling All Leaders

Contemplating all of this, I recently felt an energy shift calling all the leaders into action. It is clear that the world really needs leaders.

I don’t mean the leaders of our nations, but rather a call to each of us who have felt the calling within to stand up, to make a change, to do things differently on a larger scale.

If you…

  • feel prepared to leap into the unknown to forge a new way forward for all humanity…
  • have visions about the future way of being for all…
  • are ready to lead a movement to shift the vibration of an area in the world that needs transformation…
  • have a big picture view of all the events happening in the world and understand how to translate for others…
  • realise that remaining silent is not an option any more…
  • feel a quiet humility and a deep understanding of what is being asked of you as you read this article…

I would love to hear from you.

I would love to hear your voice share your message louder than ever before.

I would love to see you take action, get visible, and create change. 

And I would love to share that movement with the world also to create a wider ripple of transformation and change.

The World Needs Leaders

The way we’re doing things isn’t working, we need to do things differently.

The time has come for us to come together and help one another on the work we are here to do. To create the change we’ve been craving for so long.

Are you ready to make the internal shifts and practical changes needed to:

  1. Sit with the discomfort to reunite with yourself, and with others.
  2. Shine the light on the darkness.
  3. Increase your awareness to live consciously.
  4. Shed your limiting beliefs from within.
  5. Operate from a space of alignment with your soul purpose.
  6. Support the creation of a better world.
  7. Lead your life.

Are you willing to step into becoming the leader of your life and a leader to help humanity create a better world that we all want to be part of?

This work will require many of us, at different stages of awakening. We are not expected to completely understand what is happening or be a perfect example of spirituality. Rather, we must work together to help everyone move forward into the new world. And, it is my life’s work to create the space and guidance that enables this transition and transformation in others.

I enjoy helping people see beyond, to delve deeper into the world around them and their self-awareness, and to help them acknowledge the bigger picture of what is happening and why.

I hold space for people to experiment, to meet their ego, to face limiting beliefs, and to create inner and outer change simultaneously.

I take those ready to become leaders of their own life to step up and create the change they desire to see in the world.

If this resonates with where you’re at, and what you’re hoping to achieve, I invite you in my circle to explore this further.

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~ Mya