How to thrive in life – be like a bee

I was reminded recently when I read a story about the bee, that everything is within our grasp to thrive in life. A bee goes about its purpose, what it was uniquely designed for, without worrying about whether it will fall out of the air suddenly. It doesn’t worry whether it’s doing a good job at being a bee.

When you think of the world we live in and focus on nature and the natural world around us, everything just works, and it works together. The cycles continue, death and rebirth occur every day without effort, without struggle.

There are no expectations, everything around us exists in the present moment and it pivots, grows, changes, dies, or renews itself as is required. The trees and plants do not expect anything in return for providing us with the breath of life we need to live.

They do what they are here to do and perform their specific and unique purpose on the earth without worrying about whether it will rain, or the sun will rise, or whether we will reciprocate the breath of life to them.

Remember your connection to the world

We need to remember that we are part of everything as well, it is not just nature, the planet, and cosmos that is connected. We are connected to all that surrounds us. That means that we too are contributing and giving back to each other, nature and the planet. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are part of the cycles, the death and the rebirth.

However, we tend to get caught up in the struggle of life and living in survival mode. Believing we are separate to all things and each other. Living life in flight/fight mode and allowing our ancient brain responses to lead our lives. Lives filled with fear and lack.

Thrive by finding your true self

We were not put on this earth to struggle and everything is available to us right now, in every moment for us to live a life of ease and grace. To thrive and become who we are here to become.

Everything on this planet is here, perfectly designed to thrive and to allow us as humans to also thrive.

It is hard at times to imagine that just like the bee, that we all have a unique purpose and by living in alignment and fulfilling that purpose, that everything would be so much easier.

To live a thriving life, we would have to allow and surrender, we would have to develop trust and faith, we would need to find the confidence to step into such a life.

We would need to develop right relationship and connection to all things, including nature and our beautiful planet.

But could you imagine how rewarding, how fulfilling such a life could be?

So, tell me…

How are you living your life today – are you thriving or just surviving?