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General Disclaimer

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There is no professional relationship formed between us unless you explicitly choose to work with me by purchasing my services or products. Any testimonials and promised results I may display on this website are based on my experience and those of my previous clients. They are not a guarantee that anyone else will achieve the same results.

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While I take lots of care to provide valuable information, I cannot be responsible for the use that you make of that information. Please be aware that generalised information is never a substitute for specialist advice tailored to your individual circumstances. You can’t just read a blog post and take it as a recipe for success – you need to find your own way instead of trying to jump from a life that doesn’t make you happy into someone else’s life.

When I post about getting into alignment and stress in the workplace, you may recognise yourself as feeling stuck, as if you are living on autopilot and can’t handle your job anymore. Before you rush to hand in your resignation, I strongly recommend that you seek advice and assistance from appropriately qualified financial and mental health advisors. There are many ways to lift yourself out of this space, and the best, most lasting decisions involve gradual change. Small things can make a big difference and working on your mindset and daily habits can shift a great deal of stress. Leaving the job that pays the bills is a major life decision that is best made calmly from a positive space. You may find you can achieve even better results by introducing something new into your life or pivoting in the position you are in, rather than abandoning everything to live a laptop lifestyle. When you find your purpose and passion in life, everything else shifts and fits and new opportunities for growth in your current position become visible that you could not see before.


I may offer useful information and resources as downloadable files from this website. To the best of my knowledge, these files are safe and problem free when uploaded. However, it is your responsibility to maintain current malware, internet security and an updated operating system to protect you against malicious attacks that may occur without my knowledge or control.


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Finding Your Art

I believe that too many people are living a life that they have not chosen. They have been drawn into wearing a hat or title and found themselves having to conform to that professional persona. Finding Your Art is all about remembering what makes you want to wake up singing each morning, feeling happy and ready to live a life that is true to yourself regardless of your job description.

Finding Your Art is a group program designed to help people discover themselves and identify what is missing in their lives. You will ask yourself “who am I?” and “who do I want to be?” and then explore the gap between. Together, we will build an action plan suited to your unique needs, with the intention of helping you to move into alignment with your core values & higher spiritual path.

The Finding Your Art program is based on my own experience. Having obtained my Engineering degree, I got into the habit of working non-stop after leaving university. Everything was about the work. My whole life was dedicated to it. Eventually, and unsurprisingly, I burnt out. The work wasn’t really the issue, it was me. I had not been allowing myself to do the things that lit me up, to nurture my other skills and talents. I started to suffer physically, and mentally I simply couldn’t cope anymore. Eventually I felt I had no other choice but to quit work. I then began my journey back into alignment, stripping away the identities I had built up in the industries I was working in and what I was known for. I let all the labels go and got back to the bare bones of who I am.

Once I had achieved that, I discovered a new world of possibilities. My aim is to help you avoid the whole burn-out and collapse part of the story by guiding you to uncover what you really love and make space for it in your life before the need for drastic change becomes a necessity.

If you are participating in the Finding Your Art program, it is important that you do your own research, ask questions, consult appropriate professionals and commit to making gradual changes. It is important that you take personal responsibility for the choices that have brought you to this situation. Only you can know what the true you really wants, so you need to be prepared to dig deep and sit with the discomfort of letting the labels go and not knowing who you really are. Uncovering the subconscious stories that you have been telling yourself for so long can be unsettling and difficult. It is likely that you will feel awful as you transition and transform. It’s tough, there will be tears, grief and emotion, and also moments of euphoria, and there is no guarantee that making dramatic changes to your life will make you instantly happier. Any suggestions that I may make are just that – suggestions for your consideration. I know that they won’t work for everybody, so it is your responsibility to listen and consider carefully before deciding whether a certain course of action is right for you. It is never a good idea to change your entire life on a whim, particularly using someone else’s momentary advice. You need to make calm conscious decisions about what is best for you in your particular circumstances.

Finding Your Art is not suitable for you if you don’t want to change, or if you think that quitting your job or taking up a hobby is a magical wand to make everything better. There is no quick fix, or “purpose fairy” to grant you three wishes and solve all your problems, which is why I advocate making small, gradual, consciously chosen changes. I help you with uncovering and discovery, I don’t tell you what to do, because there is no one formula that fits everyone. It’s a journey, an exploration, an adventure, and it takes time. It is also important to remember that everyone is different, with different circumstances, different external influences and different internal drivers. Any results that may be mentioned in my marketing or testimonials are based on my experiences or those of my previous clients. There is no guarantee that you will also achieve the same results.

However, this program may be able to help you if you are working in a stressful job, and living on autopilot. You know you need a change because you have lost your spark. You find yourself stuck in the rut of routine, feeling there is no purpose or meaning to life. Finding Your Art is specifically designed for people who have realised there is more to life than just surviving and who want to find their purpose so they can make a more meaningful contribution to the world.

Finding Your Art is not suitable for those under 18, or those with serious mental health and trauma issues. Coaching is not therapy or counselling, or a substitute for professional mental health assistance. If you suspect you may be experiencing difficulties with your mental health, if you are stressed out, and not coping as well as it looks like you are coping, please make sure I am aware of that. It is very important to be honest as this allows me to make suggestions and referrals to appropriate professionals to ensure that you get you the support you need.

A Groovy Enlightened Life

A Groovy Enlightened Life is my podcast, providing inspiring conversations about navigating the deeper meaning of the world we live in. We get deep, we get spiritual and we even get a little bit passionate. The difference is we do it in style with a groovy, chilled out vibe.

I present a mix of solo and casual conversations with thought-leaders, spiritual luminaries and experts in their fields, that take us where ever they lead focused on discovering, connecting to and living your higher purpose, finding and hanging with your vibe tribe and dreaming a new world into being.

In our conversations about wellbeing and living a wonderful life, we may sometimes provide information and opinions about issues relating to your health and wealth. Under no circumstances is this to be considered or relied on as medical, financial or legal advice. It is simply us exploring an idea. You are welcome to explore the idea further through your own research, but any decisions you make must be entirely your own responsibility. Please use common sense, make fully informed decisions after seeking appropriate professional advice, and take great care for your own safety and security.

Intellectual Property

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Sagacity Rising, Finding Your Art and A Groovy Enlightened Life are all unregistered trademarks. You may not use these marks for any purpose without my express permission.

Payment Terms

I accept payment by bank deposit, Stripe or Paypal. I do not accept credit card payment over the phone, and I do not personally store your payment details. You can find out more about the security policies of my financial service providers here, to help you make an informed decision about the safety of your payment before purchasing:



All calls are delivered online using Zoom. It is your responsibility to ensure that the program is downloaded and working on your device prior to the call. I also strongly recommend that you choose a quiet location that is free from distractions to allow you to get the most value from our session.

You can find out more about Zoom here:

Refund Policy

For my 1:1 coaching clients, I offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked. If you feel that you haven’t changed or grown or got what you needed from working with me, I will happily give you your money back.

For all courses, programs and group work, I offer a 100% refund up until the course commences, when you are provided with the downloadable materials. After that date, I do not offer a refund. However, if you have any cause for dissatisfaction, I am happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns and will make a genuine effort to negotiate a win/win solution.

Rescheduling a meeting

If you are unable to attend a scheduled meeting due to illness or internet connectivity issues, please let me know asap and we will reschedule to a mutually acceptable time. You may cancel or reschedule a meeting up to 24 hours before the booked time with no penalty.  

If you are late to a meeting, I will wait for up to 10 minutes past the booked time, but your session may be shorter as a result. If you contact me to reschedule in the 24 hours before the booked time, or up to 10 minutes after the meeting was due to start, I will reschedule the meeting but you will need to pay an administrative fee of 25% of the booking fee.

If you are more than 10 minutes late, or fail to show up with no notice, the meeting will be forfeited with no refund, as I have reserved that time for your use and have not been able to offer it to any other client.

Visitor Information

I do not allow comments on my blogs due to issues with spam. However, I am always very happy to hear from you by email or through my social media channels. Please keep all conversations respectful. I reserve the right to delete comments that I deem unacceptably rude or offensive.

I believe in diversity and opening topics up for discussion. The opinions shared by my podcast guests and those who provide me with guest blog posts are entirely their own, and publication of their opinion on my website does not necessarily mean I agree or endorse it.

If you wish to continue the conversation from a podcast episode, please join my community forum on Facebook. All conversations on that platform are covered by these terms of use. 

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If we are unable to resolve a dispute by negotiation and discussion within 14 days, we agree to proceed to mediation with the assistance of an accredited mediator. The mediator is to be appointed by agreement between us, or failing that, by application to the Queensland Government’s Dispute Resolution Centre:

If you are not in Queensland, we agree that we will both make a reasonable effort to source mediation via online video conferencing or telephone.

Litigation is to be considered a last resort, and we agree not to go to court until a mediator agrees that all potential avenues for resolving the dispute through negotiation and mediation have been exhausted.