“When everything is perfect then I will be ready to…”

Ever heard this one? Or maybe something along the lines of:

  • When things settle down, I will…
  • If I was younger, then I could…
  • When the kids grow up, then…
  • When I have more money, then…
  • If I was smarter then I would…
  • When I have more time, I can then…

We sometimes get stuck in this kind of thinking when we are experiencing overwhelm and can’t see our way through. We feel we don’t have the space, the time, the energy, the money…. to be or do what it is we really would like to. We feel as though we can’t have the life we want because something needs to take place first before we can live it.

We place our decisions and choices on the dependency of other things happening first.

Some other reasons besides overwhelm that gets us into this kind of thinking include:

  • Perfectionism: trying to get everything perfect before taking the first step or making a decision
  • Lack of confidence in ourselves and our abilities or perhaps lack of confidence in others
  • Feeling responsible for others in your life, putting things on hold to accommodate them


Yep I’m not immune to it…

In the past I was trapped in a cycle of “Once I get through this workload and priorities at work, I will have a bit of space to address my health”.

Umm yep so that didn’t turn out so well. I can be a little stubborn…who knew!


The Waiting Game

The harsh truth of it is that waiting for that right time, or that specific thing to be perfect will never help you live the life you want. There will always be an excuse, an event, someone or something, an obstacle, that will always need to be addressed before you can allow yourself to focus on your stuff n things.


Why do we do this?

While there are multiple reasons why we do this to ourselves and have this kind of thinking, what it really boils down to is whether or not we are choosing to Live in Alignment to our true self and the life we want to create in this lifetime.

If we are not choosing to live in alignment to what we want to create in our lives, there will always be obstacles on our paths. Reasons why we cannot live, be or do. We will struggle, feel overwhelmed and lost in our lives.

If we choose to live in alignment to what we want to create in our lives, there will be abundance, you will always have what you need, when you need it. The struggles you feel will vanish and be filled with flow and ease in your life. You will achieve the life you want to create.


Easier said than done

Yep this is not the easiest of things to get a handle on in our lives. It takes effort, and continual perseverance. 

If you are looking for a place to start, I recommend:

  • building awareness of the stories you are telling yourself that need to happen before you can be or do in your life
  • exploring how these stories are limiting your life, or expanding your life
  • discovering who you really are, at your core and then start taking steps towards making the changes in your life to come into alignment

We weren’t put on the earth to wait for that perfect day, circumstance or star alignment to happen before we are ready to live life to our highest potential. The time is now! What are you waiting for? 

Everything in life is a choice. How will you choose to live yours?