In this episode I invited Ali and Andrea to join me in a conversation around purpose and to explore the question “What does purpose mean to you?”.

We discuss:

  • The difference between purpose and fulfillment.
  • How placing conditions and expectations on purpose can limit our experience of purpose and also create overwhelm.
  • The importance of being authentic to our own unique journey and not comparing our experiences with others.

Drops of Wisdom from this conversation

“The key is to answer these 3 questions for yourself; Who am I?, What is true for me? and How shall I live? then making a commitment to living in alignment to that.” – Mya Joseph

“We need to stop second guessing ourselves. We are good enough.” – Andrea Kaldy

“I think we place conditions on purpose. We need to be authentic to our own journey and not compare with others so much. Who knows what that other person is really going through.” – Ali Williams

Tune into the conversation now…

Looking for more?

If you are interested in furthering your exploration into purpose, uncovering your true self and living in alignment to your true nature, then I invite you to check out the 4 Stages of Self Discovery teaching.

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